PT. Rawlindo Power Solusi provides you the chance of recovering from issues caused by leakings occur in your plants, especially when there's no option to shutdown your whole plants which will cost you money and time. With online sealing, your problems are solved, and your production plans can keep going.

Leak Repair Services will stop any leakage, making sure the production, environment and safety are guaranteed in the most cost efficient way. We strongly believe in preventive measures to avoid leakage, but should this occur, you can trust on us.

Our Leak Repair Service using Online Leak Sealing Method, is the repairing of leaks in pipeline and process systems in operation. The repairs are carried out without the system having to be shut down. Non-destructive techniques are used to safely and quickly repair leaks pipelines, flanges, fittings, tanks, Valves, etc safely and quickly.

Using this procedure we can seal leaks at temperatures ranging until 700 Degrees Celsius and pressure 240 Bar. In addition to repair steam, water and air leaks, we also can repair almost all hydrocarbon, chemical and gas leaks.

Typical Leak Repair Includes :

– Flange Leak
– Pipe and Fitting Leaks
– Heat Exchanger Joint
– Weld and Thread Leaks
– Expansion Joint Leaks
– Valve Leaks
– Gland Packing Leaks
– Pressure Vessel Leaks
– Any virtual Leaks Problems