Metallic Expansion Joint thumb
Metallic Expansion Joint thumb
Metallic Expansion Joint thumb

Metal Expansion Joint are used to accommodate the movement of pressurized piping system cause by therma growth, contraction, and small vibration. The bellows carry numerous type of media, including steam, emission gasses, awter, acid, alkalis and hydrocarbons.


  • Power Generation
  • Pup & Paper Plants
  • Heat Excharger
  • HRSG / Cogeneration
  • Chemical Prosessing
  • Petrochemical
  • Heavy Industrial
  • Environmetal Application
  • HVAC

Our Engineering main activity is to design expansion joint that can meet or exceed the specific, requirement demanded by piping and ducting indutri, W design all mtal expansion joints in complaianc with EJMA 9th Ediotion and ASME

We manufacture bellows in defferent configurations, such as singe lexpansion joint, univelsal expansion joint, expainsion  joint with tied, hinged, gimbal pressure balance with material is stainless steel. Inconel, incolloy and hastelloy in single and multiply design. Out manufacturing size range is from 50mm to 6000mm